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2023 Fall

JHU Media Post

2023 Fall Team Demos

Team Project Members Media
1 LifeSavAR Alex Fialon, Kunal Salil Kotkar, Sofía Posada Rincón, Sohan Gadiraju Demo and Poster
2 AR-Guided Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Zheyuan Zhang, Leo Mu Demo and Poster
3 User Interfaces for Surgical Continuum Manipulators Jingkai Guo, Yinglong Wang, Rohan Mukundhan Demo and Poster
4 Collaborative Design for AR Experiences Jalen Geason, Akhil Deo Demo and Poster
5 Campus Tour Navigation System Shenghua Chen, Zixuan Liu, Zhipeng Hui Demo and Poster
6 Multi-User AR Games Zyan Baptiste, Samuel Muzac, Sidhanth Nair Demo and Poster
7 AR Escape Rooms Esther Wang, Keyi Lu, Gabby Kang Demo and Poster
8 Tooth Drilling and Dental Training Rongxuan He, Zhaomeng Zhang Demo and Poster
9 Sinus Digital Twin Jan Mangulabnan, Derek Dang Demo and Poster
10 Visualization of Volumetric Medical Imaging Xinrui Zou Demo and Poster
11 Occlusion-Free Surgical Tool Tracking using AR-HMDs Jeremy Zhang, Hongchao Shu, Ziyi Wang, Fanghao Cheng Demo and Poster
12 NeuroNavigation: Navigated Focused Ultrasound Ruixing Liang Demo and Poster

2023 Fall All Demos

Class Activities

AR overlay by Guo, Jinkai. First AR deployment to iOS.

AR overlay by Geason, Jalen. First AR deployment to Android.

AR overlay by Kotkar, Kunal. First AR deployment to Android.

2023 Spring

2023 Spring Team Demos

Team Project Members Media
1 Learning Linear Algebra with Augmented Reality Siddharth Ananth, Everett Xu, Ricky Cheng Demo and Poster
2 Assessment of MRI Registration with Augmented Reality Yiqing Shen, Letain Ai Demo and Poster
3 Augmented Mirrors for Medical Applications in Orthopedics Ray Zhang Demo and Poster
4 Repurposing HMD’s Built-in Sensors to Increase Users’ Awareness Yu-Chun (Arthur) Ku, Joyraj Bhowmick, Anirejuoritse Egbe Demo and Poster
5 LayAR: Collaborative Layout Using Augmented Reality John Dallas Cast, Max Yongjie Guo Demo and Poster
6 Creating Novel 3D User Interaction Devices for Augmented Reality Bethany Kemp, Aditya Kulkarni Demo and Poster
7 Visualization of Robot Interaction Space in Robot-Assisted Surgery Boyuan Wang, Yike Zhang Demo and Poster

2023 Spring All Demos

2022 Fall

2022 Fall Team Demos

Team Project Members Media
1 Augmented Mirrors Xiaorui Zhang, Sue Min Cho, Yuxin Chen, Zijian Wu Demo and Poster
2 Collision Awareness Joyraj Bhowmick, Ching Yang(Austin) Huang, Yu Chun(Arthur) Ku Demo and Poster
3 3D User Interaction Devices Bethany Kemp, Aditya Kulkarni, Julie Le Demo and Poster
4 Integration of Medical Suites with AR Devices Haochen Wei, Yuliang Xiao, Zhangcong She Demo and Poster
5 Rehabilitation Ammar Ahmed, Anirejuoritse Egbe Demo and Poster
6 AR Games Boyuan Wang, Yi Liu, Tingyang Xie Demo and Poster
7 Collaborative Environments for AR Creation John Cast, Kapi Ketan Mehta, Jacob Lopez Demo and Poster
8 Interactive Posters Elizabeth Cho, Haoxuan Huang Demo and Poster
9 Immersive Learning for Linear Algebra Ricky Cheng and Everett Xu Demo and Poster
10 Magic Mirrors Rehabilitation Tianchen Song, Christine O'Connor, Nhat Le Demo and Poster

2022 Fall All Demos

Class Activities

Homework 1 by Ricky Cheng

Homework 1 by John Cast

2022 Spring

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